My BlackBerry Addiction

March 18, 2009


I have been an avid BlackBerry fan for over 6 years now.

Working for a company that sells mobile phones for business I had never been happy with any of the so called “mobile email” offerings that were available in 2002. They were either too clunky and slow and/or cost the earth to use. You also need to carry a device the size of a small house around with you (Nokia Communicator anyone?).

You see I had just started selling on eBay and had created my own web site selling software and other digital products so I was in need of something I could use for email, wherever I happened to be.

One day, T-Mobile (or was it still one 2 on?) sent a whole bundle of data products as demos to our store. I can remember it well; there was a Sony laptop with a GPRS datacard (complete with theft proof display stand), an early HTC PDA phone (which my boss’ wife nabbed) and plain old looking monochrome BlackBerry 6280. I ended up with the BlackBerry to, in the words of my boss, “…have a play with it”.

Well! I had seen BlackBerries on O2 but you needed expensive software, a server and loads of other stuff I didn’t have so I was surprised to learn that T-Mobile were launching their BlackBerry range with the BIS system, using RIM’s own email servers; on T-Mobile it was called Instant Email. I didn’t need thousands of pounds worth of stuff and a Masters degree in BlackBerry to get it working. In fact I was up and running, receiving emails within minutes!

That first weekend I was away in Peterborough visiting my family and took it with me (to continue “playing” with it). I was awoken at 3.30am on the Saturday morning by a loud buzzing noise.  It was the BlackBerry letting me know that I had received an email (yes, I had not discovered the auto-off function at that stage of my “playing”). It was an eBay enquiry from someone in the USA and, even though half asleep I still managed to write a reply. I woke up to find further emails – one from eBay telling me the buyer had made a purchase, the other from PayPal telling me he had paid – yippee!

In fact, because I could give instant email replies to enquiries, that weekend I did a total of three sales and made a healthy £200 profit which I may not have done had I waited until the Monday when I was back at my PC. I was sold!

Since then I have never been parted from my little RIM companion, no wonder they were tagged “CrackBerries” when they were first launched.  Not only am I in instant contact via email, I can browse the internet, connect to Facebook & Skype and even listen to hot tunes when bored.

As a business mobile seller(yes I’m still there after almost 12 years!) I have encountered lots of Windows brainwashed IT departments that just don’t “get” BlackBerries – “sorry, it has to be Windows Mobile to work with our servers” (NO IT BLOODY DOESN’T!) but the tide is turning. Many clued up business users are now realising what a valuable (and easy to use) tool the BlackBerry really is. I’m selling more BlackBerries now than any other “mobile email device” and people are loving them!

One of my first BlackBerry customers was a small firm of heating engineers in Bolton. The forward thinking owner wanted to free up time, both for him and his engineers, so we hatched a plan. Using a combination of PC software and BlackBerries he was able to book the following days jobs for his employees. Everything was sent overnight, via email, to the BlackBerries and when the engineers left their houses in the morning they would have names, addresses and full details of  problems for all the days appointments. There was no need to for them to call in to the office every morning to collect job sheets, it was all in the palm of their hands. Six years on and the company is still using this system to great effect, in fact I’m just about to upgrade them to Javelins!

If you would like to find out how you would benefit from the “ultimate business communication tool” then please contact me. I work for T-Phone in Bolton and we supply business mobile communication solutions across the UK. My office number is 01204 595335 or contact me via our web contact form here.

Thanks for visiting my site!

David Allen


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